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                 Coastline of Lake Ontario, Burlington, Toronto, Canada

Educate & 

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Our Story

Active Health has proudly been a part of the North Burlington community since 1998. Founded by Dr. Lee and his wife, Active Health Chiropractic has continued to grow into the warm family clinic it is today. We desire to educate and inspire an active, healthy lifestyle, something you can carry forward with you, empowering you to take control of your well-being.


Why Active Health? Our bodies are designed to heal, regenerate, and recreate. Health is one of the most important aspects of our lives, but it isn’t passive. Our clinic beliefs align with the idea that you have the active ability to take control of your health. Our passion is helping people. We all have the ability to live healthy lives, but this is something that is not guaranteed. The main focus at Active Health is education. Educating and inspiring our patients to take control of their health in an active way. Community is another strong value at our clinic. We are stronger as a whole with the support of people around us. 

Our community wouldn’t be what it is without you. Patient care is at the forefront of our priorities, with personalized, one-on-one care, centered around individual needs. 

An active part of your health.

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