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Welcome to the Active Health website! Our clinic has been part of the North Burlington Community since 1998, helping our patients to lead active and healthy lives through the natural correction of neuromuscular skeletal dysfunctions.

Our team is committed to providing friendly, personalized care for your specific needs.


At Active Health our goal is to inspire our patients to improve their health with our hands-on approach and to empower our clientele to take control of their own well-being.

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Our purpose. 

Active Health was founded on the idea that everyone should have the knowledge, and ability to be an active part of their health. The best way to achieve that is through continuous learning about what your health means to you. We are constantly evolving and challenging ourselves to achieve, our bodies deserve the best we can give it. At Active Health, our purpose is to inspire and educate our patients to find what their health means to them and provide advice on the best methods of achieving.

Let's do this, together.

We inspire each other. What better place to be than with a strong community of people who care about you, and your wellbeing. Our patients give back to us, whether that be through conversation, advice, or a friendly smile. We are proud of the community that has been built in Active Health over the past 23 years and continues to grow. 

Check out our support local page to see the small businesses created with passion by our patients.

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An active part of your health.